Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Manchester To Halifax Run

I've been meaning to run over to my parents house for a while and finally got round to it on Tuesday. I planned my route the night before, working out which way I'd go after I'd got up to Standedge tunnel in Diggle.

In the morning I was up early to let the puppy out to do her business and to feed her. Once she was all sorted for the morning and I'd packed my bag I set off for about 9am. My legs were still feeling sore from a fell race I did on Sunday and I couldn't seem to get any type of speed up as I ran along the Ashton Canal. I knew the forecast was rubbish before I set off but the only proper rain I had, lasted about 15 minutes and I just ran though it. I plodded 12.5 miles along the muddy canals to Diggle then stopped for directions at the visitor centre car park. Needless to say the woman that helped me thought I was bonkers, she even offered me a lift to the top of Standedge but I kindly refused and then headed up the Pennine Bridleway.

It was easier than I thought getting up to the tops, all these fell runs with Glossopdale must be doing me good. By 'eck it was windy up there. As I ran NNE the wind was coming in from the East so I was having to lean into it. I did go a bit wrong up there and followed the Oldham Way for a bit so cut across the tussocks until I got to the main road (A640).

Once on the main road I just followed it and then down Saddleworth Road into Barkisland. I had originally planned to drop off the road and run along Scammonden Reservoir but I was knackered and just wanted to get to my mum and dad's the easiest way possible.

I don't think I'll be doing this route again (I'll just stick to doing the return journey on my push bike), it was a massive hassle getting home. My dad gave me a lift down to Uppermill, I walked it to Greenfield station, got the train to Ashton then walked it from there.

The total running distance & time were 23.07 miles & 4 hours 15 minutes. Not bad for tired legs. Here is the Garmin readout:

So that's my first running blog (got the idea off Tim & Lynne of Global Therapies). Good practice writing for my college course that starts today. Feel free to correct my spelling, punctuation and grammar. I won't take offence.

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  1. 23 miles? with a rucksac, and not much training? Good going Tom, we'll make an ultra runner of you yet!